[120] Building a Culture of Content w/ @andreagoulet

UntitledGuest Bio: Andrea Goulet Ford, the human voice behind some of the world’s largest brands, is on a mission to rid the world of corporate babble. Her firm, BrandVox™, helps business leaders document their visions, train their teams to speak in a cohesive voice, and create content systems that scale their brands. Andrea has worked with many Fortune 500 and government organizations, including Capital One, Verizon, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nTelos and Virginia Commonwealth University.You can also find Andrea working on her first book, Culture of Content.


Connect with Andrea on Twitter @andreagoulet


Andrea’s book talks about a system that founders can go through to develop a brand personality. This ties in nicely with the topic we discussed a few weeks ago on WOW customer service (Episode 117).


How do you know which tactics are going to work? For example, does your brand address someone by their first name or call them Sir? Until you’ve defined your content foundation, you’ll have a tough time figuring out these details. Here’s a slideshare presentation that gives a little more context about the steps: http://www.slideshare.net/bijou628/culture-of-content-spark-your-profits-presentation.


Another Helpful resource at Andrea’s blog: http://yourbrandvox.com/blog/2014/7/14/foundational-content

[119] SHIPPING Emotional Content w/ @JimBarryJr

Guest: Jim Barry

Bio:  Dr. Jim Barry is a 25 year veteran of the corporate world with experience in industrial,government and commercial marketing. As an NSU marketing professor, Jim’s teaching experience covers a wide range of internet marketing, social media and international business courses. As founder of Social Content Marketing, his social media marketing company conducts corporate workshops and webinars for companies seeking to transform their traditional selling approaches to social selling. The company also develops integrated social media and search engine marketing solutions for professional services throughout South Florida.

Twitter: @jimbarryjr

LinkedIn: drjamesbarry

Blog: http://blog.socialcontentmarketing.com/

Academic Site: http://www.huizenga.nova.edu/Faculty.cfm/jmbarry

Lesson used in MBA Social Media Marketing course on how to amplify content through emotional connections. The module shows 8 primary ways (S-H-I-P-P-I-N-G) of building these connections: S-Surprise, H-Humanize, I-Inspire, P-Passion, P-Playfulness, I-Imagery, N-Narrative and G-Generosity.


Key points: SHIPPING

  • Surprise
  • Humanizing
  • Inspiration
  • Playfulness
  • Passion
  • Imagery
  • Narratives
  • Generosity

[118] The Latest Changes and Updates to Your Favorite Social Networks


  • video views’ will be a new objective to choose from in the ad platform options
  • Multi-product ads now available “Multi-product ads enable businesses to showcase three products within a single ad unit, on desktop or mobile.” (Source)
  • Facebook rolled out updates to the Pages app making it easier to manage your Facebook pages on the go.
  • Facebook makes videos uploaded to Facebook more prominent in the feed. Also improving insights on video uploaded to Facebook.



  • No more authorship pictures on search results pages



  • Continues to roll out ads to more countries now including: USA, Canada, UK and Australia


  • It is now even easier to add a SlideShare to your profile.
  • Background images now rolling out for regular non-premium users
  • Connected app rolling out – stay connected better with your Ln connections. May get as much as 6x more profile views when you use the connected app.
  • New job search app – Search and get notifications right on your phone. Apply with your LinkedIn profile right from your phone.


  • GIFs supported in the newsfeed.
  • New analytics tool at http://analytics.twitter.com/


Email Marketing

  • Canada’s Anti- Spam Act is now live! Here are the basics
    • Consent – Expressed or Implied
    • Clear Identification of sender
    • Must include a way for people to unsubscribe

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/Q_w5CVwbFM4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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[117] Deliver the WOW Factor: How to Use Customer Service in Your Marketing Strategy

Have you ever had an unusually good experience with a companies services or products? Perhaps the staff was extra friendly and helpful or maybe they had amazing follow up and support. That is what we call WOW customer service. And that wow factor is what you need to get people talking about you and your business.

When customers experience wow service they want to tell the world. In today’s hyperspeed heavily connected world, consumers are turning to Twitter, Facebook and the like to express their love for your brand and service.

Today we are going to explore this concept of the wow experience you give to your customers both on and off of social media.



Southwest Airlines

Dunkin Donuts

[116] Customer Service Tips & Management on Social Media

For a lot of businesses, the idea of using social media for providing customer service can be very daunting.  In fact, the fear of dealing with upset customers is one of the top reasons that certain small businesses avoid social media in the first place.  On the flipside of that, many businesses ignore using social media to connect with customers that are having issues online.  But it doesn’t have to be scary, in fact, if done right, providing top notch customer service on social media can be one of your business’ best secret weapons!


  • Social media allows you to connect with your customers
  • Understand their needs
  • Build Trust
    • Publicly showcase how providing quality service is your business’ priority
    • Most people checking out your business online are seeking out your reputation.  Everybody makes mistakes, every company makes mistakes.  When people see how you are able to diffuse a situation positively, it will make them more likely to do business with you.
  • Real time engagement and feedback.
    • Customers reaching out to you on social media want a quick response to their problems. According to an NMIncite survey, more customers would prefer a speedy but ineffective response over an effective solution that came slowly.
    • 42% complaining on social media expect a response within 60 minutes
    • Always keep in mind your tone when addressing customers online.
    • Be persistent
  • Don’t be scared to say I’m Sorry
    • Being honest & transparent is key.
  • Empower your team to make decisions
    • Customers don’t want to be passed from department to department and having to follow up on their issues.  Empower your contact employees to make decisions to ensure that issues get resolved.
  • Take the conversation offline if necessary.
  • Follow up
  • Take the extra step

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p><a href=”https://twitter.com/McIlroyRory”>@McIlroyRory</a> We have good news. Your clubs will be in tomorrow and we&#39;ll deliver them to the tournament for you. ^JH</p>&mdash; United (@united) <a href=”https://twitter.com/united/statuses/478883580014497792″>June 17, 2014</a></blockquote>

<script async src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

[115] Using Social Media to Boost Lead Generation and Sales


  • Break the ice – Make a warm introduction for yourself
    • what are your potential clients passionate about
    • what do you have in common
  • Get referrals or warm introductions from others
    • Ask a mutual connection to get you in touch
  • Search for opportunities and buying signals
    • Always provide value to the marketplace
  • With social you can research a prospect in-depth before you pick up the phone
    • Research their company on LinkedIn
    • Find the influencers and decision-makers
  • Focus your personal brand on becoming an industry thought leader
    • Share great content that is tailored to your target market
    • Be Social- being social means not just talking about yourself or your company and products.  Join in on the conversation and remember, being social starts with listening and participating, not always starting your own conversations.
  • Create a landing page with an enticing offer for your qualified leads
    • Make sure the offer is something of interest to your most qualified leads
    • The more information you request (name, phone number, etc.) the less people will opt-in, HOWEVER, the more qualified the lead will be
    • great way to track your ROI
  • Twitter Cards
    • see episode #107
  • Facebook Offers
  • Highly-targeted & Focused paid social ads
    • see episode #111
  • For B2C brands, Facebook & Twitter should be your focus, for B2B focus more on LinkedIn & Google+ (for physical products B2C focus on Pinterest).

[114] What’s New With LinkedIn & Ways to Make Your Profile Pop

Changes in general

  • Premium Spotlight $9.99 per month
  • How You Rank- shows you how you rank compared to your connections and everyone at your company (based on profile views in the previous 30 days)
  • Are your post getting seen? stats on profile to show your reach.
  • LinkedIn is showing you “Top” post in your feed.


Changes to Premium:

  • Keyword suggestions to help optimize which search results you show up in.
  • Search results will show premium users twice as big
  • Cover images/background images rolling out (would you pay extra for this feature?)
  • See a full 90-day list of Who’s Viewed Your Profile (one of LinkedIn’s most popular features) & access to the top 100 results for How You Rank (free users have access to the last 5 Profile Users & top 10 How You Rank results)
  • Open profile – automatically opted in to receive messages from anyone if you are a premium account holder. If you don’t want this go to your privacy settings.


How to Stand Out on LinkedIn and other cool tricks

  • Use video
  • Use slideshare
    • What is slideshare: SlideShare was founded in October 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012. It allows users to easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. In Q4 of 2013, the site averaged 60 million unique visitors a month and 215 million page views. SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world. (source)
  • Become a Publisher
    • LinkedIn’s blog publishing platform will allow you to not only publish posts, but also can be promoted by LinkedIn throughout their platform (as well as through Pulse, the news app that LinkedIn purchased last year).  For more information as well as our case study on using Publisher, check out episode 109.
  • Connect your calendar, email and contacts to enhance your experience
  • add notes and “How you met” to contacts. Great for networking.
  • Consider your goals for LinkedIn (are you trying to network, gather leads, get past gatekeepers?)  Try to identify the keywords somebody looking to do business with you would try to search you under.  Use these words to optimize your profile so that you can be found through the search functionality easily.

[113] How to Make Your Website Sticky & WordPress Plugin Tips

Increase Your Bounce Rate & Make More Sales

“An average bounce rate is about 50%, meaning that about half of people who land on your website pages leave and don’t come back.” – Morra Aarons-Mele (source)

According to Kissmetrics, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less, and they tend to abandon sites that don’t load within three seconds. (source)

  • slow loading
  • video is a great way to make your pages more sticky. If you have products or even services can be highlighted using video.
  • proper landing destinations and pages (this can also be part of misleading referral source i.e. ad or social posting)
  • declutter and organize
    • Better navigation
  • old site (a new design might be needed) OR poor design
  • Use clear and well placed call to actions
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Solve problems. Answer questions for your visitors.

Suggested Plugins for WordPress:

WP Smush.it – Free plugin decreases the size of your images without compremising quality. Helps make your website load faster.


Google Plus Authorship – Free plugin Google Plus Authorship enables Your profile picture to appear in Google Search Results. Very Easy to implement. Just 3 step to process. Visit plugin site


Pin It Button for Pinterest: Free plugin Add a hover Pin It button for Pinterest to your images Visit plugin site


Testimonials Showcase: $14  This plugin allows you to create and display testimonials, quotes, reviews or case studies in multiple ways


Vimeography Vimeography is the easiest way to set up a custom Vimeo gallery on your site. There is a free version and the pro version is $49 for a single site.


WP Mobile Splash Page Editor: $13 WP Mobile Splash Page Editor allows you to easily create a mobile splash page for your website. Not every business need a mobile or responsive site, sometimes a well designed splash page with all the key information is the best way to get more leads.


Yoast WordPress SEO: Automatic XML sitemaps, content analysis, social media cards.  Also offers premium option for $89 with Video & Local SEO modules.

[112] The Web & Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Web Tools:

    • Instagram to Flickr – ta dah!
    • Add incoming “Receipts” to a Receipt Spreadsheet (w/ first Attachment!)
    • If new item tagged smm, then add to Twitter Buffer Stellar247
    • #Instagram #photo

Plugins (wordpress):


Mobile Apps:

  • Google Goggles
  • Google Drive
  • PayPal Here/ Square- collect credit card payments on-the-go
  • Shoeboxed
  • DropBox
  • GasBuddy (okay not a mobile app for business but it will help you save $)
  • Evernote
  • Audible
  • Flipboard
    • Bufferapp
    • Pocket

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[111] The Guide to Paid Social Ads

For those of you with a dedicated marketing budget, paid advertising across the social networks can put your message in front of your targeted audience and when done effectively can provide a massive return on investment for your business.  On this episode we’ll explore the current offerings across the different social networks as well as provide you with some solid tips on how to make sure your ads are seen by the people most likely to do business with you.


  • On May 12, Pinterest began rolling out it’s Promoted Pins, starting with select big brands from across different industries.  Pinterest recently ended a round of funding which valued the network at $5 billion, so it’s natural that they would seek ways to monetize the site for their investors.
  • Promoted Pins currently will only show in the Search and Category Feeds (*not* when you’re looking at people’s boards or when you are on your main feed).  The Promoted Pins look and feel exactly like regular pins, with the bottom border telling you that it is Promoted.
  • They are starting with the bigger advertisers first in order to get feedback from the brands and users about the platform.  Pinterest is planning to roll out Promoted Pins to all business users in the near future.

Other way to promote goods? Yes and no. You can add a price to your products in the pin description and that pin will then show up in the gifts category automaticly. This would be a good option to get in front of a new audience. Just be sure you are selling something that would be considered a “gift”


[for more on Facebook ads & WHY you should be using them, listen to episode 103]

  • Recently Facebook introduced some new features to the regular ad platform, enjoyed by those using power editor for some time. Advanced targeting helps you get the exact audience you want. Target buying behaviors, household composition and so much more.
  • We recommend that once you get comfortable with the ad platform that you jump into the power editor. Power editor allows you to create custom audiences around your pre-existing audiences that you have. For example I can upload my email list (which you can do in the regular platform) but in Power Editor I am able to create a similar audience based on my list. Great way to target the exact people that are most likely to buy from you.


[for more on Twitter Ads & the backend analytics on the platform, listen to episode 107]

  • Over the past year Twitter has been focusing on building up it’s advertising platform, and is reportedly set to introduce 15 additional types of ad offerings in the next 6 months.
  • Currently there are 3 types of ads that you can run on Twitter- Promoted Account (to get more followers), Promoted Tweet (which will show in user’s feeds, or under specific trends or hashtags), and Promoted Trends (your hashtag or topic will show up at the top of the Trending Topics).


  • The best social ad platform available for business-to-business marketers, LinkedIn offers 3 types of paid ads- text & image, text & video, plain text.
  • Target your audience based on gender, age, geographic location, company, industry, job title, schools, skills and LinkedIn group memberships.
  • Ads with images or video tend to convert better.  Image ads with brand logos tend to perform poorly compared to ads that are not branded (images with females convert highest according to KissMetrics).

Google +

  • Since the beginning of 2014, Google has been slowly introducing it’s +Post Ads, only available to Google + Pages.
  • In order to participate your Page must: have over 1,000 followers, promote content that is relevant to your audience, and be opted into Shared Endorsements for Google + Pages.
  • Your promoted +Post ads can run across the 2 million sites in the Google Display Network & can be a basic status update that can also include photos, videos, Hangouts, and even Hangouts on Air.
  • Since these ads run on the Google Display Network, they are *not* shown on Google + feeds.


  • Tumblr has been offering in-stream paid advertising over the past year.  Since the beginning of 2014, the Sponsored Posts have been powered by Yahoo Advertising.
  • According to Tumblr’s Marketr blog, 60% of users who’ve seen Sponsored Posts find the content fun & high quality, 70% of consumers perceive a brand more favorably after seeing a Sponsored Post, and 50% of users who saw Sponsored Posts researched the sponsor afterwards.
  • The Sponsored Posts look just like regular posts, with a $ in the top right corner signifying that it is a paid ad.

Across-the-board Best Practices

  • Promote an intriguing offer with a Crystal-clear call to action!  Download Now, Join Now, Get Instant Access..
  • Target, target, target.  The more in-depth you get in terms of the audience you are trying to target the better your results will be.  With most of these options that we have discussed, these platforms offer robust targeting options, make sure to utilize these to make sure that the customers most likely to spend money with you right away are the ones that see your ads.
  • Tailor your ad specifically to the platform you are serving the ads on.  Engaging Facebook posts are different than highly-engaged Twitter posts.  Make sure your ad falls in line with the type of content that goes well on the network you are advertising on.
  • Eye-catching headlines.  Make sure your headline resonates with your target audience.  Speak their language & make sure you can deliver on the promise of the headline.
  • Use a high-quality image whenever allowed or possible.  Keep in mind that on most of these platforms the image resolution will be small.  Use images of people or graphics with colors that pop or stand out.
  • Create at least 3 versions of the same ad with different variations.  Test out different headlines, call to actions, images, etc.  The platforms will at first evenly distribute the ads and eventually only serve up the ones that are performing the best.  Use this to your advantage!!
  • Make sure your landing page aligns with your ad message.  If you are offering a free e-book, make sure the landing page is specifically for that ebook, etc.