[4] How to Use Evernote for your Business


With Special Guest Chadney Barcus from Socially Elevated Media

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On this episode, Paul & Kelly are joined by Chadney Barcus, @SociallyElevate, who shares with us the secrets behind the biggest productivity tool we use- Evernote.

What is Evernote? Evernote is a great place to store all your thoughts, ideas, things to read later, and more.  It is amazing because it sinks to all devices. It is a great way to share content as well.

 Where can people find/get Evernote? – It is available in all the the app stores including the mac desktop app store, and in your web browser www.evernote.com

Some of the main things Evernote does without any add ons  that you can use right away:

1. Allows you to create notes and notebooks

2. It also allows you to store picture clips and voice clips

3. Free version allows you the ability to share notes Premium allows people to contribute to a notebook

What are the first 3 things someone should do immediately after installing?

1. Get the web clipper installed in your browser

2. Put your evernote email into  your contacts

3. If you tweet  set up @myen

What are some of the best add ons for Evernote that we can employ to be even more organized and productive?


Other tools and applications you can use to help manage your life:

  • E.ggtimer.com – Productivity timer
  • Hootsuite – love for reporting but not good for Facebook postings
  • Rapportive – Awesome Gmail add-on to help you socially connect with email contacts.
  • Shoeboxed
    • Keep my receipts organized and categorized
    • scan, take a photo or send in options for all kinds of documents (receipts, business cards and other docs you wish to organize)
    • Save hours during tax season -All your information is ready for you online along with IRS accepted receipt images, ready for export to your favorite tax-filing applications.


Please post your favorite applications that help simplify your life and work in the comments and tell us how it helps you. Let’s help each other be more effective and productive!

Next Weeks Topic: We will be covering Facebook Timelines for business pages.

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