[56] Spring Updates for Facebook Timelines, Google +, Twitter & More


Just when we thought we were all caught up with all the new changes to the various social networks they all decided to roll out some changes. This week we will be uncovering the big changes to Facebook’s Timeline (not the feed as we discussed last week), Google Plus’ profile design, Pinterest’s new business page analytics, and Twitter’s Hashtag making the leap to yet another network.

Facebook Timeline:

  • first some clarification. Your newsfeed is where all your friends, families and pages you liked posting shows up. Your timeline is how your profile is set up. Your page, your cover image, your postings.
  • Sections for Movies, TV Shows, Music and Books have all been redesigned and repositioned. (source: socialmediatoday)
  • The redesign moves all your manually entered posts to the right side of the screen, with recent activity moving to the left side.
  • By default, the top left of your Timeline now shows your core About details, followed by sections about Friends, Photos, Places. Beyond those, you get the option to add other third-party apps like Quora or content types like Movies to the front page of your Timeline.
  • The single column timeline of posts will make sure that posts are displayed consistently between News Feed and Timeline, meaning all images will be the same large size, in the same order. (source: socialmediatoday)
  • Basically Facebook is going back to a single format timeline with your feed running down the right side of your screen.
  • You will be able to see from the image we have on our blog that there is something of a navigation bar under your cover image. It is much more streamlined than now with no tab images possibly making it easier to navigate and less cluster filled.
  • The about section also gives you more control on what you want to show as your likes (for pages and apps) and how you want them to show up. More control for you both in your timeline and in your feed. sounds to me like Facebook finally got around to listening to what people wanted.
  • The apps we use and media we consume increasingly define us, and this redesign shows them off. But getting people to share more through apps also increases developer loyalty and gives Facebook valuable ad targeting data about what people do, not just what they Like. (source: techcrunch)
  • All these changes will help support the Facebook social graph search by encouraging users to share more content about themselves (via apps for the most part)
  • You may already have it. If not Facebook has been and will continue to roll this feature out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Google Changes Things Up:

  • Google+ has rolled out new features for its profile and pages, including a “Local” reviews tab and larger cover photo on profiles. This was ironically (and most likely purposely) announced one day before Facebook announces their feed overhaul.
  • cover photos display 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels at a 16:9 ratio when fully expanded.
  • Your reviews that you give via google for place pages will now show up on their own tab in your profile.
  • The +1’s you give are also organized in their own tab on your profile.
  • The company is also making it easier for users to edit information via the About tab, which now includes options to edit Education, Work, Links and Places. You can still share specific fields with certain circles or keep them private. (Source: Mashable)

Google Closing Google Reader

According to Google they will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1.  Google Reader is (or was) Google’s RSS feed reader, and the news of the shutdown brought the internet to an uproar.  Even though I (Paul) never used Google Reader (I recommend Zite or Pulse- recently purchased by LinkedIn) there are millions of people out there that use it as part of their daily lives.  Why is this important to you?  It may be possible that a lot of people may be accessing your blog (or other syndicated content) through Google Reader.

If you are a blogger, it is important to relay the shutdown to your readers as well as provide them alternative ways to catch your content.

“Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.” (Source: SocialMediaExaminar)

Recommended alternatives

Pinterest’s Big Measure:

  • Pinterest announced recently their web based analytics tool, allowing site owners to track users’ engagement with their sites on the social network.
  • The free tool allows site owners to track the number of pinners and pins collecting material from their sites, and the number of re-pinners and repins those initial pins received. Site owners can also track total impressions and reach on the network, as well as referral traffic, both in clicks and unique visitors, sent back to their sites. (source: Mashable)
  • You do need to take a couple of steps in order to get this new tool. You have to verify your website and upgrade to the new look on Pinterest. Once you do this you will be given access to your analytics.
  • Tracking: Pins, Pinners, RePins, Repinners, Impressions, Reach, Clicks and visitors
  • If you are looking for more of a robust analytics there are products out there that do the job better but this is still a great move in the right direction for anyone using Pinterest in their social media strategy.
  • This move can also be an early glimpse into the direction Pinterest is going with Businesses (better support and possible ad platform?). The future of businesses in Pinterest remains to be seen but it seems that Pinterest has been making a few changes in the direction of supporting companies on their network.

Twitter allows for line breaks and the Hashtag goes rogue:

  • Twitter has also undergone some hardly noticed changes. They are now allowing line breaks in tweets. This could be a good thing or a very annoying bad thing but you certainly can try it out for yourself today. Keep in mind that you can only use this feature within Twitter (cannot use with third party apps). Also if you embed the tweet or have it feed into your website or blog it will not show with line breaks.
  • Twitter has officially killed off tweetdeck… well kind of. They have taken away integration of Tweetdeck through Air, iPhone and android. They also have discontinued the Facebook integration. There is still some support for desktop use but more focus has been pushed to online apps and integration.

Twitter speaks more languages now! Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, & Spanish.

Hashtags are now making the leap over to Facebook.
In an attempt to strengthen the graph search features within Facebook, they have decided to implement the hashtag into the network. Yes some people have been using hashtags on the network for a while but you may have noticed they are not as intuitive as they are on other sites. Meaning you can’t click on them to see how that hashtag is trending and being used with other users.

It’s about time Facebook integrated the Hashtag into their network. It is only used by every other social network out there (Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few).

What is the hashtag?  It basically brings uncategorized information together into a discoverable and scannable way.

So how will it go over with Facebook users? The reviews are still out but from my experience it seems that most Facebook users are not savvy to the hashtag and see it as an annoying feature or just another thing they need to learn. But in general most web users understand the use of hashtags and understand what they are for so if there is any resistance I doubt it will be massive.
Word of caution: Do not misuse the hashtag!

Vimeo Finally Introduces Video on Demand with Pro accounts!
Pro account holders can now sell their videos on Vimeo. This has been a long awaited services that Vimeo has been hinting at for some time now.

  • 90/10 split – you keep 90% of the revenue from your sales Vimeo get’s 10%
  • Sell films, episodes, and more at the price you want, anywhere you want — including on your own website.
  • You have control over how much you want to sell it, how long the buyer will have access to the video and where/who will have access (geographically)
  • They take care of the hosting plus your videos will be seen in true 1080p HD.
  • Your work is available online, and on mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs, all in full HD.
  • Must have a pro account to use the on demand feature. A pro account can be purchased at $199 per year. Before this announcement I did not think it was worth it for a small business but now I believe I too will be making the jump! (Kelly)

What else can you get with a Pro account:

  • 50GB of storage, 250,000 plays (additional space can be added)
  • No bandwidth caps or time limits
  • High Definition video (up to 1080p!)
  • Mobile, tablet and connected TV compatibility
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Make money from your videos with Vimeo Creator Services
  • Hosted Portfolio sites with SEO
  • Unlimited HD uploading
  • Fast, priority uploading
  • Super-customizable and brandable video player
  • HTML5 support with the Vimeo Universal Player
  • Password protected Video Review pages
  • Third party video player support
  • Optional original file storage
  • Much, much more!

Learn more at https://vimeo.com/pro

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