[60] Email Marketing- Best Practices and CANSPAM Law


Email Marketing can be a very powerful tool when it comes to your business but you have to be sure you are doing it correctly (and by the law) in order for it to be effective.


Email Marketing Stats


  • 45% of email globally is spam

  • 14.4 billion spam messages are sent out every day

  • $40.56 ROI on every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011

  • 68% of email users have acted on a marketing offer received by email

  • According to a study by Pew Internet and American Life Project 2011/ 2012

    • 91% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read email

    • 64% Use a social networking site

  • Email ROI is the highest when compared to other internet marketing mediums & direct mail (Direct Marketing Association)

  • For the same response, direct mail costs 20 TIMES as much as email (Forrester Research, Inc.)

  • Consumers who make purchases through marketing emails spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. (Prestige Marketing Inc.)


Basics of Email Marketing


  • Setting expectations

    • What do you want to do?

      • Promote

        • Motivates purchases and increases attendance to your events

      • Inform

        • educate and inform potential and existing customers (not promotional)

        • Differentiate your business and your expertise

      • Relate

        • Increase brand loyalty

        • Encourage more referrals

    • What Type of message will be delivered

      • Newsletter

      • Announcements

      • Promotions, surveys and invitations

    • How often will you send out an email to your list?

      • Be sure to set these expectations and stick to them.

      • Create a master schedule (part of your content calendar?)

      • What is the best time for you to send your emails?

        • Split test your list

        • Consider your audience

  • Delivering on promises

    • Once you know what type of email and what format, and you have set those expectations with your subscriber list along with how often they will be receiving your emails, stick to it and do what you say you are going to do!

Use your analytics and continue to improve!

Helpful Stats:


  • 19.9% is the average open rate for an email.

  • 5.4% is the average CTR (Click through rate)

  • highest CTR and open rates are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The lowest is Monday.

  • Best times have shown to be 8am-9am and 3pm-4pm


Abiding by CAN SPAM Act – If you use email to market your business it is up to you to abide by the law.

The CAN Spam Act is overseen by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

FTC CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Guide


7 things to remember when abiding by the CAN SPAM law:


  1. You cannot use false or misleading information

    1. From, to and reply to fields as well as the domain name and email address must all be accurate. And they must identify your business or the person who is send the email.

  2. No misleading subject lines


  • Do I care

    • Subject line

      • 5-8 words max

      • Avoid Spam speak

        • Free, spam, credit card, guarantee, Home credit etc.

        • ALL CAPS

        • Excessive punctuation !?!?!?!?!!!!

        • $$$ and other symbols ~~~

        • No “From” Address

        • Misleading Subject Lines

      • Always remember that spam (and junk mail) are in the eyes of the receiver.


  1. You must include a disclosure that the email is an advertisement

  2. The Email must include your mailing address

    1. This can be a street address, a PO Box, or a private mailbox you have registered.

  3. The email must tell people how to opt out of getting more emails from you. It must be clear and easy to find.

  4. When someone unsubscribes you MUST remove them from your email list within 10 business days (by law) but immediate removal is a best practice.

    1. Once they unsubscribe you can’t share their email address with other marketers

  5. You are responsible for abiding by the law

    1. If you don’t your company and the company you hire to help you can face up to $16,000 each per violation!


Gaining permission


  • Do I know you

    • From line

  • Do I care

    • Subject line

  • Utilizing professional services

    • Provide easy-to-use templates

    • Reinforce brand identity & consistency

    • Email addressed to recipient only

    • Manage lists – adding new subscribers, handling bounce-backs, removing unsubscribers

    • Improve email delivery, track results and obey the law


  • Constant Contact – Get a free 60 day trial

    • 97% delivery rate

    • You get your own account rep to help you

    • Website match templates are available and affordable (sometimes offered free)

    • Rates start at $15 ($12 for non-profits) per month for up to 500 subscribers

    • 50MB of Space to upload and store your images and files

    • Easy to use templates and tools

  • MailChimp

    • Free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails sent out per month

      • This means that you can send your subscribers up to 6 emails per month at full capacity.

  • iContact

    • Plans start at $14 per month for up to 500 subscribers

      • 20% discount for non profits


Building your Email List


  • You must have permission

    • Do not just add people you meet

    • Do not just add emails you find

    • DO NOT buy an email list

    • Double Opt-In is preferred (People who double opt are 75% more likely to open emails sent to them and 114% more likely to click on links on your emails) Source: Mailchimp

  • Ask people when you are at networking events and when you recieve thier business card

  • When you are on the phone

  • In your other correspondence

    • Email signature

    • On receipts

  • At your place of business have a sign up book or a card drop

    • Caution about a card drop, you must make it clear that people are subscribing to your email when they are dropping their cards. (i.e. drop your card to win lunch on us and be added to our email list for updates and news)

  • Online

    • Social Media

    • Your Website

      • Ideally the website you direct the public towards should be a landing page enticing them to join your list.  Offer a free gift such as a report, white paper, or ebook.

      • Your website (at the minimum) should have an opt-in form somewhere above the fold.


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