[66] How to Host a Successful Webinar

Hosting a webinar or a teleseminar can be a great way to build brand identity and authority.  On this episode we discuss the benefits and effective ways to build your business and increase your sales through webinars.


  • Build email list (not just any email list, a highly targeted email list for people that are willing to invest their time into learning about you & your topic)

  • Build trust/authority

  • Sell more effectively

  • Upsell

  • Market research

  • Boost web traffic and SEO


  • Q&A

  • Educational -free

  • Group coaching

  • Educational -paid


  • Gotowebinar -paid options begin at $99/month for 100 attendees & go up to $499/mo. if you want to host up to 1,000 people.

  • Anymeeting- great option if you are getting started.  For a ad-supported webinar you can host up to 200 people for free.  Ad-free is available, starting at $17.99 for 25 attendees and $69.99 for up to 200 people.

  • Google+ hangout on air -FREE

  • http://ww2.glance.net/ -$49.95/mo for up to 100 attendees (you can also get a $9.99 day pass)

  • http://www.freeconference.com/ – up to 150 attendees free, paid options available.

  • http://join.me -Free 10 participants, $13/mo. for up to 250 attendees.



  • Pick a good topic that is not a sales pitch

    • It’s important that your webinar provides value, first and fore-most.  You can mention products or services you offer during the presentation, however do not pitch them at this point.  Do not make it an infomercial.

  • Picking the right day and time for your audience is important. Also consider the length of your presentation . 30-40 minutes with some q&a time usually work well especially for complimentary webinars.  Try to keep the entire thing to under 60 minutes if possible.

    • First 5 minutes- introduction

    • Next 30 minutes- presentation

    • Next 5 minutes sales pitch (most effective if you have a special offer only available to attendees)

    • Next 5 minutes- One more education piece- something important (maybe the most important information you have to give) that ties it all together.

    • Next 5 minutes wrap up

    • 15-20 minutes- QA

    • remind about Sales pitch

  • Understand and become very familiar with the program you are going to be using to host your webinars.  You don’t want any surprises to pop up during your presentation.

  • Practice

  • Practice some more

  • Promote

    • Ads

    • Email

    • Social media

    • Affiliates and/ or sponsors

    • Have an events page

    • Video

    • Blog

  • Remind within a couple hours of presentation (also a day ahead/3 days ahead)


  • Perform

    • Have a moderator work with you whenever possible to help manage the chat and field questions

    • Consider doing some polls in the middle of your presentation. You can use this data for your own research and send out results as part of your follow up if it is relevant to your audience.

  • Collect/sales pitch at the end

  • Follow up

    • Within 24 hours

    • With slides or recording

    • With supported extra content

      • White paper

      • Ebooks

      • Polls

      • Survey- How effective/educational was your webinar?

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