About us


It is not reasonable to believe that change can happen overnight. However, with the correct management strategies in place, your organization can start seeing performance improvements almost immediately. Change can refer to a slight modification or a revolutionary stance. It involves adjustments, amendments and achievements.

Humble Beginnings

Jeremy Parsons (founder of Mastering Social Business) discovered his ability to turn around business ventures early in his career. He started by studying accounting and held a part-time job to cover his costs. Less than a year later, the owner took ill and left Jeremy to manage the business. Whilst the business was making some money, Jeremy recognized sectors that required improvement. He started implementing strategies and new procedures, and soon observed the noticeable effects that increased productivity have on increasing turnover. Jeremy embarked on additional studies, learnt how to implement the most effective methodologies, and thus began his journey in management consultancy. With his knack for networking, he met equally talented and passionate individuals; and so Mastering Social Business was born.

Change Produces Progress

Jeremy Parsons’ favourite saying is, “Even the simplest change can alter the outcome profoundly!”

Twenty-seven years later, that statement is one that all of our employees apply in everything they do. Today, we employ groups of national and international consultants who are qualified to effect the changes required by your business.

Our core beliefs

  • Change is always beneficial
  • Every effort bears fruit
  • Streamlining and simplicity are key to successful change
  • Solid groundwork now, bears positive outcomes in the future
  • Synchronizing crucial elements of a business creates organizational harmony
  • All the parts are not segmented, but rather form a whole – All working in one direction towards a mutual goal.

We develop:

  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Organizational culture
  • Competency